Supply Chain Management

Our Scm Team Meeting

Why We Invest So Much in Supply Chain

Benefits we and our customers get

Supply chain management is very important and useful in improving efficiency, minimizing wastage and reducing costs. With the help of SCM, Maxson Textile has been able to increase the customer satisfaction and stay competitive.

  • Quality control & quality assurance
  • Economical means of production
  • Inventory planning & optimization
  • Boost effeciency by reducing cylcle period
  • Reduce operating costs throughout the whole process
  • Compeletion & delivery in time

What Our SCM Team Engaged In

One-stop fulfilling capability

Maxson Textile strives to maximize the value for our customers. We are able to do this by having a strong control on the production process and manufacturing, and also by maximizing efficiency of the whole supply chain by ensuring that the supply chain is always moving forward.

  • Order management & progress tracking
  • Sample arrangement
  • Procurement of materials
  • Mass production planning & dispatching
  • Quality inspection
  • Packaging, warehousing & logistics management
  • Processing customer feedbacks
A Worker Is Inspecting Outputted Fabric in Front of Weaving Loom

How We Manage Supply Chain

Some measures we take

Utilize Advanced Facilities & Equipments

Always leading the textile industry trend as we pursue production quality & speed

Dedicated SCM Team

Our highly qualified staffs collaborate with each other on supply chain management

Coordinated Integrated Management

Overall management on quality check, production capability, stock, lead time, logistics and customer service

Embrace Cloud Based Digitalization

We know the power of ERP in SCM and have implemented a famous cloud based ERP tool

Traceable Tagging System

Use tags and information systems for implementing traceability in textile supply chain

Upstream & Downstream Risk Control

Bring in more upstream material providers and downstream processing partners to reduce risks

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The specialized fabric and linen supplier in hotel linen area.