Divisions and Facilities

Manufacturing Division

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Sizing in Manufacturing Process

Weaving Mills & Bedding Production Lines

We have several weaving mills and facilities include textile processing plants for production across China and operate the main manufacturing division located in Nantong, Jiangsu. Today we have over 300 advanced air-jet looms, some jacquard looms and twisting machines. Fabrics we produced can be also used in our dedicate bedding production lines for the end customers. That’s the reason why we can always stay competitive.

Production, Warehousing & Logistics Management

Production management, warehousing and logistics are all pieces to a complex puzzle of our manufacturing division. Each piece is critical to the success of our business. We have a headquarters office in downtown Nantong to coordinate the distribution and transport of materials and products. There are also warehouses & storefronts nearby.

Business Division

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Domestic Sales & Services

We have been running our business division of domestic sales since the early 2000s. After the operation for over 20 years, we are now a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality fabrics, bedding and catering linens. By providing good service, we have established long-term cooperation with some big customers. Nowadays, our sales in the domestic market reach nearly 300 million CNY annually and maintain a steady increase.

International Sales & Services

Our company go global by establishing a professional international sales department in 2015. With expertise of rich experience in the textile industry, we know what customers care about. So we follow a strategy of growth by staying competitive and continuously improving of the customer service. We’ve also been dedicating time and resources into building our international market by attending trade shows and online expos, maintaining regular customer visits every year. Since then, our international business have been growing by leaps and bounds. Now we are present in more than 70 countries in the world and keep expanding.

Nantong Office of Business Division

Overseas Division

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Vietnam Division of Maxson

Established for Our Major Markets

In recent years, we realized that we need to step further in order to provide a high level of service for our international customers. This had prompted the establishment of overseas divisions in our major markets. In turn, our company also benefit from it. That’s because it helps keep us updated on local market conditions. As of now, we have multiple overseas divisions to serve our customers in the countries of Vietnam, Thailand, Russia.

Serving by Localized Teams

We have established local sales and service teams for our major markets to handle the growing overseas business because we want to understand the cultural differences and develop the best approach to each region. This allows us to meet the diverse customer needs of products and provide reliable services to different markets. Then customers in those regions can feel and choose our textile products locally with ease. It also helps us to reduce time of delivery and unnecessary costs.

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The specialized fabric and linen supplier in hotel linen area.