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Maxson Textile is headquartered in Nantong the well-known textile industry center with other locations in the world. We offer a wide selection of bedding fabrics that suits various needs and wants of our customers. As a foresighted company, we are not only concerned with the domestic market, but also with international markets. The number of our customers is growing fast, till now we have been extending our textile products to over 70 countries. Some of our major markets are Southeast Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Currently we have offices or warehouses in Vietnam, Thailand, Russia in order to serve the local customers better, and more locations come soon. Nowadays our company is widely recognized and we’ve got a good reputation.

Pragmatic Strategy Based on The Industry

We have great passion and plan for the future

Our company strives to the top supplier in the textile industry by following a strategic path in staying competitive and pursuit of sustainability.

So we’ve been trying our best to improve our production process and customer service to make sure that we can meet the needs of our customers. We are always looking to move forward and be on the cutting edge of new technologies by upgrading our infranstrure, equipments and SCM tools in order to stay competitive and keep ahead.

In terms of sustainability, we strive to use sustainable and organic materials in most textile products and reduce the usage of synthetic materials in blended fabrics. We also encourages our partners to use green methods such as recycling and appropriate disposal to reduce the probability of using non-renewable resources.
Some of the best ways we have done are keeping the use of water and energy to a minimum and utilizing solar panels to reduce carbon emissions.

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